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 Welcome to the homepage of the Libertalia Brotherhood on Pirates: Tides of Fortune.



ABOUT LIBERTALIA                   

As legend has it, Libertalia was a resource based economy Pirate Utopia created on islands off the coast of Madagascar in the late 17th century. Originally, it is said a French naval battleship, the Victoire with a strong and experienced 200 man crew, decided to mutiny after too many years under strict and penniless papal control. They enlisted Captain James Misson and an Italian priest Caraccioli to lead them to freedom. They found their freedom on the east coast of Africa.


The soceity that developed was multi-cultural, drawing French, Dutch, English, Italian and the East African slaves they freed into a community where all spoils from plunder were distributed equally. They were essentially communal in nature, holding no land in personal claim, kind of how they'd learned to live at sea. Their motto was "God and Liberty" and some of the pirates settled down into family lives as farmers, which they probably rejoiced after years of duty at sea.


They developed their own multi-cultural language. They had a white Jolly Roger flag instead of a black one. They were anarchists waging war against any states, lawmakers, and attacking ships. They spared prisoners and freed slaves. They called themselves Liberi and lived under a sort of communal city rule where no one, not even the Captain himslef, received more than the common man or woman. It was sort of a worker owned piracy corporation with articles of conduct or shared codes of conduct.


Now, there is some dispute whether Libertalia actually existed or not, since pirate tales were normally passed down by heathens, liars and thieves. But other stories suggest that the legendary pirate Captains Thomas Tew and William Kidd each were not attacked by the much larger Libertalia fleets and were escorted into port. There they both lost half their crews who decided to stay and live in the pirate utopia. Them Captains never sailed close to Libertalia again.


We believe in the Libertalia philosophy of being very strong and helping each other.  




There are many clans and brotherhoods developing on PTOF. Rum Runners, Berlin Corps, BP, Corsairs, etc. Most of our core members are not Attacker/Raiders but Counter Attackers. It is important in this game to have equally strong Offensive and Defensive capabilities. We will help show how to keep your units safe, what to develop, and how to use them. Most of our members are veteran game players who know that player levels mean relatively little. Strategy, guile, goading your opponent, and keeping your units safe can defeat  someone seemingly much bigger than you. We have proof of that.


We would like to have as many members in the Libertalia as possible who believe in our philosophies of never attacking anyone without a clear scouting report, not attacking anyone frequently enough to make them quit the game, reporting all attacks against you, and most importantly, using safe havens to defend your forces. The "Hey, I'm under attack please send reinforcements" people will not get our attention and will not last in this game for very long. USE SAFE HAVENS!


Like most of you we are currently at odds with Rum Runners, BP, and Berlin Corps. We are actively seeking alliances with other friendly brotherhoods and clans. The LIBERTALIA will be a loosely formed brotherhood with few rules outside of the normal Pirate Code of Conduct. We may ask a few members to serve as area coordinators. If any votes are to be taken, each member has a single equal vote in a simple majority. We would like to form Offensive and Defensive Councils to help organize

simultaneous attacks and massed defenses. All members are encouraged to actively participate in all developments.