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Here we will try to answer some questions posed by members.


Q: How do I figure out how many units I need to attack and beat someone else?


A: The formula PTOF uses goes something like this: Your attack points are all your attacking ships and troops, plus their upgrades versus the defense points of a haven, including their haven bonus points and the defense points of everything in their haven plus upgrades. As an example, your attack force is 60% of the formula and theirs is 40% of defense. You will win the battle and some resources but lose approximately 40% of your attack force while they lose 60% defenses.


The question you have to ask yourself is: Will the attack be worth the cost of my losses. Best to always scout first, try not to attack anyone more than about an hour away from you, and always attack with overwhelming force.


Q: I scouted this guy and he had about 10k of each resource. So I attacked with enough guys to bring back all his resources, but only captured less than 50% of his stuff? So I scouted again, it said he had about half of what he had before and I attacked again. This time I got next to nothing. What gives?


A: The crazy Russians running PTOF have this formula: You can only receive up to 50% of whatever resources are in an opponents haven, up to the amount you can actually carry back. Then they deduct 5% for the cost of the raid, leaving you with a maximum haul of 47.5% of the available resources. If you go back and attack again within 2.5 hours or so you will only get 5% of what is left there. Best to just let havens refill overnight and hit them the next day.


One thing to remember is that warehouses only store resources, they do not protect them. Use them up!


Q: Look, I joined to raid other people, but you say we can't unless we ask first. Also, I request res but no one sends me anything. So what is the advantage of being in this brotherhood then?


A: The advantage is you are not alone and other big clans might think twice about attacking a brotherhood with 50 members and 200 allies, or a brotherhood they've lost badly to before.  If a brotherhood is less than 20 people and not allied with one of the big clans, go for it. But don't attack our allies or get us into wars we really don't need until we are at full strength.


To request resources, it is best to write your shipmates and hearties directly and tell them what you need and why. If people aren't using up all their resources and needing more then it means they're not building up their troops and havens to the maximum. This is after all a war game and farming to see how many resources you can accumulate helps no one. 


Q: Why do I need to friend the leaders of this group on Facebook? I get enough FB crap already.


A: Until Plarium provides another platform to play the game, FB is the only option. We don't like it either and only use FB to play games and not share personal information. Once you friend the Leader and Advisers we can follow your statistics, communicate with you faster, and help furnish Dark Corsairs. By following your statistics we can better rate you in the brotherhood as either a Raider (Coxswain), a Defender (Boatswain), or a combination of both (Swashbuckler).


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